Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you Offer your Training?

 We do Off-Site training. Our Instructors come to your home, office, organization or wherever you would like the training to take place. The only things we need are a TV (a DVD player would be helpful), a small table and chairs for everyone in attendance. We teach courses with as little as 5 people. We also offer some classes at locations that are open to the public. To find a class near you, Click Here

How much do the courses cost?

We offer numerous courses from many agencies. These agencies are recognized nationally & internationally. Some courses may be more than others depending on the course, the cost of the certification card and number of attendees. We do offer discounts to larger groups, so the best ways to see how much your training would be is to call us. We will teach courses with as little as 5 people. We also accept credit cards 

What courses do you Offer?

We offer training in:

  • CPR/AED  (Basic & BLS)
  • First Aid (Basic & Pediatric)
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Pet First Aid & Pet CPR
  • EMR (First Responder)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Active Shooter Awareness
  • Advance Bleeding Control
  • Our Courses page 

What Training Materials are Needed for the Class?

Each class is different.

We bring everything needed to run a class. CPR/AED courses, in most cases, everyone gets their own manikin to practice on. We rarely share a manikin. This helps to reduce the anxiety of sharing. Everyone gets to use an AED in the class and everyone gets their own barrier device to practice rescue breathing.

First Aid training, we bring gloves, practice epi-pens, bandages to practice bleeding control and non-latex gloves to practice the correct removal of gloves.

We bring all video/audio equipment and everything needed to run a class. The only things you need to supply are tables and chairs.

What certification will I Receive?

Every student successfully completing a certification course will receive a course completion card. These certification cards are emailed to each student. Some courses may also include a Certificate of Completion. Most certifications are valid for two (2) years.

What Happens if I Forget When my Card Expires?

As a courtesy, First Aid & CPR, LLC will send you a reminder the month before your card expires and the the month your card expires. This give you the opportunity to find a class to renew your certification.